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MetaQuantum provides every customer with simple and effective ways to buy physical and digital assets.

The Freedom to Create

The Central Hub

The central hub is the hearth of QuantumLand, where each user will spawn in the first time they log in.

From here they will have the opportunity to roam around and discover what QuantumLand has to offer, as well as have quick access to different districts and featured business or items. Besides the previously listed places, the user will also have quick access to any featured worlds that creators published and our team has picked out to be listed as featured.

Lands and Creators

Users can buy, sell land and construct whatever they want, making it they’re own mini universes and becoming creators.

Creators can add functionalities in their own mini universes and create whatever they want without any limits, ex.: functional racing tracks, functional night clubs, mini or more complex games, concerts, virtual online stores, etc.


Creators will also be offered the possibility to create new functionalities with our own node-based coding system, without needing to have any prior coding experience.


Another functionality that we’re adding for the creators is the ability to 3D model they’re own assets or combine different premade assets found in our official library or from the community library, making they’re builds unique and giving them absolute freedom.


Creators will also have the ability to monetize their own creations by setting up rewards systems, achievements and more,  for users who join they’re mini universes and interact with their creations.

A special zone will be designed for selling and renting out apartments, studios, etc., making use of our advanced mobile scanning app where users can scan real world objects and import them into our virtual environment to sell, rent (apartments), interact or visualized by other users.

One of our high interest zones will be the business district which will contain all the virtual marketplaces, stores, stock market, MetaQuantum Web2 Marketplace, MetaQuantum NFT Marketplace and more. The business district will be expanded, if need be, to better suit any kind of growth.

QuantumLand is not about replicating the real world, but improving the optimizing parts of it in our metaverse. Our goal is to give users a virtual experience that can where they can express themselves, learn or even earn their living by utilizing the tools available in our Metaverse.

This section will be improved and more information will be added soon.

Future Updates

MetaQuantum’s upcoming projects can be viewed below. Stay tuned for the updates! Once a project is up-and-ready, it will be live on the website


Staking and all you need is here.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Marketplace 3.0

Buy and sell real goods using crypto with the help of Web 3.0

Old Staking Here

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell Digital Art.

Scanning App

Scan objects around you and place them inside the Metaverse.


QuantumLand will be the Metaverse where users will have the freedom to do whatever they want.

Quarter 1 - 2023

○ Forging QuantumLand Metaverse
○ Release Launchpad Multi-Chain
○ Migration QTH
○ Start Angel and KOLs sale

Quarter 2 - 2023

○ Start Private & Presale
○ Release QuantumLand Presentation
○ Start Public Sale
○ Listing QTH CEX & DEX
○ Release NFT Marketplace Multi-Chain

Quarter 3 - 2023

○ Forging Scanning App
○ Release Classical Marketplace
○ Start NFT Land plots Sale for QuantumLand

Quarter 4 - 2023

○ Release QuantumLand Metaverse
○ Implementation in QuantumLand Real Activities, Job & Education
○ Release Scanning App
○ Migration Marketplaces to QuantumLand


MetaQuantum is a global project that aims to bridge the gap between our reality and augmented reality using hybrid Web2/Web3 marketplaces.


Our goal is to bring consumers into the metaverse and help them embrace this concept by introducing an electronic marketplace and a multi-channel NFT marketplace. We also place a strong emphasis on education, providing endless possibilities for new jobs and businesses in this emerging field.

The metaverse is a concept that describes a 3D virtual space where people can interact with objects and other people in a similar way to the real world. It can be thought of as a virtual world where users can create, explore and interact with different virtual worlds.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of cryptocurrency that represents a unique object, such as an image or a piece of digital art. It is mainly used in the video games and digital art industry, but can also be used for other types of unique objects.

Web3 technologies refer to a set of decentralized architectures that allow the transmission of data in a truthful and verifiable way, at a speed and accuracy theoretically far superior to their centralized counterparts. These technologies include blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets, along with artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology. Web3 technologies have the potential to radically change existing industries and pave the way for new ones.

Through MetaQuantum, users can access a variety of products and services in a virtual environment similar to the real world. Users can purchase these products and services using fiat currency or cryptocurrencies. MetaQuantum also offers business opportunities in the metaverse and educational resources for those interested in learning more about this emerging virtual world.

MetaQuantum's goal is to bring more users into the metaverse sector and help develop a safe, diverse and inclusive virtual world. MetaQuantum also aims to provide business opportunities and educational resources for those interested in learning more about the metaverse and the Web3 technologies that make it possible.

MetaQuantum offers a wide range of benefits for consumers, businesses, and individuals interested in the metaverse sector. Some of the key benefits include:

  • A safe and familiar environment for consumers to buy, sell, and interact with products and services in the metaverse.
  • Unlimited business opportunities and new job positions in the metaverse field for people with diverse skills and abilities.
  • Education and resources for those who want to learn more about the metaverse world and how to become more involved in this growing industry.
  • An inclusive and diverse metaverse that offers a wide range of opportunities for all users.
  • Integration of the culture and traditions of different communities into the metaverse, creating a platform for cultural diversity and artistic creativity.
  • A platform for collaboration and intercultural learning, providing a space for the exchange of ideas and innovation.


MetaQuantum team would like to thank all our partners for choosing us. We would not let them down. We hope that the future would bring amazing new things in our fast-developing amazing world together.

The Quantum Team

Alexandru Frincu

Founder & CEO

Ana Maria Marinescu


Iordache Cosmin


Adrian Mache


Silvia Ferraris


Cristian Manuel


Stefan Alexandru


Gheorghe Marian


Razvan Georgescu


Arthur Souza


Razvan Matei

Metaverse Architect

Ludovic Domingues


Daniel Dumitru


Adrian Damii


Adrian Danciu


Marius Petcu